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Reward Details
A referrer can log any number of referrals.
The status of each referral will be emailed to the referrer on their registered mail id. An existing iON user can also login and view the status of their referrals. The table below provides the description of the various 'Referral Status'.
Referral Status Stage Description
New ReferralThis implies that a new referral has been registered, and a connect needs to be established by iON.
Customer ContactedThis stage implies that iON has contacted the customer and is scheduling a solution demonstration.
Solution DemonstratedAt this stage, iON has demonstrated the solution, and is awaiting further discussions with the prospect.
Under NegotiationAt this stage, the referred customer has shown interest in buying the solution, and negotiations on commercials are in progress.
ContractedAt this stage, iON has contracted the referred customer, and has received the applicable set up fee.
This stage implies the prospect wants to connect back later, and at this point is not keen on the iON solutions.
This stage implies that the customer has decided to go ahead with an alternate solution.
This implies that the referral/ lead is not valid.
Referral Fee DispersedThis implies, that post ‘contracted’ stage, the referral fee has been dispersed to the referrer.
Referral Fee:
A referrer is eligible for the referral fee, only if the referred customer gets contracted by iON.
The referral fee = INR 30000 (inclusive of all applicable taxes).
The referral fee will be dispatched after 1 month of contracting with the referred customer.
The referral fee will be sent to the referrer as a cheque addressed to the registered referrer’s name.
Terms and Conditions
Any individual can give a customer referral.
The TCS iON customer referral application will check and ask for valid mobile number and email id for every unregistered new user. In scenarios where the mobile and email details provided are not valid the referral will not be accepted.
For all logged referrals, TCS iON will validate and approve the referral. In case
1. The referral already exists in TCS iON Database – Will be marked as 'Already Exists'
2. The referral details are incomplete, incorrect and invalid – Will be marked as 'Invalid'
The referrer can view the status of the referral online. The updates will be visible within 2 working days of any update in the referred customer status. The description of each status is as described in the ‘view detail’ link on the referral page.
The referral fee will be processed only 1 month after the signing of the contract and realization of the set-up fee from the referred customer.
Please note, if the referred customer lead, does not convert to ‘Contracted’ stage within 180 days from logging of the referral, the status of this will be changed to ‘Dropped’ systemically.

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