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Digital Exams

TCS iON Digital Exams Solution digitises and automates end-to-end university and board examination processes. It enables the secure creation and distribution of question papers. The solution reduces administrative efforts and costs by automating processes such as student registration, exam center allocation, hall ticket issuance, question paper logistics planning, exam-day management, and results management.

Our biggest Concern while scouting for an ERP solution was the ability of service provider to give continuous and long support and TCS iON ERP is providing us both Functional and Technical support which is appreciable.Also the product is good, cost beneficial and TCS appointed a local contact person in Indore and things have smoothed out since then.

Mr. Girish Mangla, Managing Director,
Features & Benefits Automate university and board examination process
Robust Exam Planning and Admit Card Management

Enables rules-based exam centre allocation and booking, time table scheduling, and online nominal rolls preparation with approvals. The solution also allows effective hall-ticket or admit card generation, verification, and distribution. It facilitates assignment of additional exam duties.

Secure Question Paper Creation

Enables replacement of traditional handwritten question papers with digitised question papers that are more secure. The solution creates every question in a secure 256-bit encryption format that can be accessible only by authorised personnel through authorised systems. It generates question papers on demand based on defined rules.

Reliable and Superior Results Processing

Automates the generation, reconciliation, and finalisation of marks lists. The solution allows the application of gracing rules, along with moderation, and online publication of results. It enhances the entire process by generating several analytical reports. Additionally, the solution helps process re-evaluation requests.

Our Key Values
Maintain Confidentiality

Maintains a high level of confidentiality to minimise the risk of QP leakage and enhance the institute's credibility.

Greater Efficiency The next-generation automated exam management process enables universities and boards to provide services in a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly manner. It also helps establish better accountability across various stakeholders including, schools, colleges, and students.
Reduced Costs

Eliminates physical transfer of forms and papers across locations, thereby reducing logistics costs. The solution also eliminates redundant printing of multiple sets of question papers, saving significant time, cost, and efforts.

Key Offerings
Examination process management
The TCS iON Exam Process Management Solution addresses three transactional phases.

  • Smooth Enrolment and Registration : 1. The solution helps collate all student details from the submitted forms. These forms bear students' personal and academic details including choice of subject and respective faculty details.
  • Ease of Reports at Pre Examination Stage2. At this stage, the solution facilitates the generation of standard reports including check lists and cut list, and allocation of test centers. It helps create admit cards as well as generate and print the required test materials and stationery items.
  • Faster Result Generation at Post Examination Stage In the final stage, the solution helps collect and report attendance sheets, result sheets, and practical mark list. It also supports the preparation of regulatory reports.
Add-on Services for Question Paper Creation
Managed services for digitizing Question papers, Managing Question Bank, Creating Rule based Question Paper Templates and enabling generation of Question papers for an Examination.
Add-on Printing Services at Exam Center
Additional services of providing printing infrastructure and consumables at an Exam Center with adequate redundancy, as required, enabling uninterrupted printing of Question papers during the Exam Schedule.
Add-on Services for Exam Day Management
Managed services supporting the processes at exam centers include support for downloading and printing of the Question Papers required for the exam, enabling attendance capture of students on exam day and uploading the same into the system.

Digital Exams
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