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Digital Learning

TCS iON Digital Learning is a collaborative social learning platform that provides an interactive environment for improved learning outcomes. Powered by a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS), it offers a collaborative pedagogical model to enrich participatory learning by enabling course delivery, assessment and other learning opportunities in a community setting.

Know TCS iON Digital Learning, a collaborative and community based learning platform for educators to improve learning outcomes.

Features & Benefits Empowering institutions to improve learning outcomes
Empowered learning

TCS iON Digital Learning empowers teachers with tools to design student-centric assignments. Teachers can plan and deliver lessons, connect students to communities, and access teaching aids in-class or on-the-go. They can also share material with students at any time, and build industry relevant curriculum by facilitating interactions with industry professionals and experts.

Personalised feedback

The ability to conduct assessments after every learning module and provide personalised feedback on an on-going basis helps enhance learning outcomes. The platform also provides analytics on student groups to facilitate remedial interventions and ensure parity in learning.

Community based learning eco-system

Teachers can accelerate learning outcomes through collaborative learning. The platform allows learners, faculty, and external collaborators to join the community and share learning material using a suite of collaboration tools. Additionally, peer-to-peer benchmarking and peer speak provide an impetus for better outcomes.

Our Key Values
Enhancing teaching effectiveness

Faculty can leverage intuitive tools for each learner while reducing administrative challenges. Assessments, instant evaluations, analytics, personalised feedback, learning repositories, activities, and communication and collaboration features empower teachers to deliver better learning outcomes.

Delivering learning excellence Best-in-class learning repositories ensure true exchange of knowledge. Collaboration tools help leverage expert resources, and bring consistency in and industry relevance to the curriculum. Interactive dashboards help monitor and improve learning. All of this combined with student-centric learning enhances student outcomes and employability.
Facilitating deeper engagement

The community framework enables various stakeholders of the institution to collaborate and function as a single unit. A wide range of communication and collaboration tools enable seamless sharing of information and enhance engagement across stakeholders.

Key Offerings
Comprehensive content management system
A dynamic content repository and question bank helps create courses using the TOC capability. Teachers can leverage course templates in batches, and modify and administer courses to participants.
Robust collaboration tools
A host of collaboration tools enable participants to engage in peer learning and collaboration. These tools include wikis, debates, blogs, bytes, idea, and Q&A.
Intuitive testing engine
A powerful testing engine enables a variety of test formats. The rule based framework helps create tests with minimal administrative intervention using the question bank. The Webstore facility helps conduct tests and allows students to continue with the tests even in case of internet connectivity failure. Final results can be uploaded once the connectivity is restored, with instant feedback on performance.
Powerful analytics engine
It allows tests to be tagged to LOD and taxonomy levels. It provides insights to teachers and enables learners to focus on their areas of weakness. An incremental publishing feature enables learners to receive remedial material and questions along with feedback, facilitating personalized mentoring.
Calendar function
The calendar sync facility helps seamlessly disseminate academic notifications on exams, industrial visits, and project dates.

Digital Learning
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