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Digital Marking

The TCS iON Digital Marking Solution combines the accuracy of technology with the expertise of professional evaluators to improve the efficency and speed of the subjective answer script evaluation process.

Explore TCS iON Digital Marking and the way it helps in providing transparency and better governance in the area of evaluation.
Features & Benefits Ensure on-time and error-free result declaration
Reducing risks
  • Transportation of answer scripts to different evaluation centres can be risky and time consuming and also increases the cost.
  • By digitizing answer scripts, the TCS iON Digital Marking Solution reduces the risk of leakage while reducing delivery timelines.
Improving evaluation quality
  • An automated and digitized evaluation process can transform archaic manual evaluation into a transparent, structured and credible process for creating a better learning environment.
  • Automating manual evaluation reduces evaluation cycle time, minimizes human errors, and optimizes the evaluator's bandwidth.

Enhancing governance
  • The TCS iON Digital Marking Solution offers a command centre module to improve governance of the evaluation process in real time and ensure error-free and timely declaration of results.
  • Officials can monitor the status of evaluation, work in progress, and daily attendance of evaluators, reviewers, or moderators.
Our Key Values
Improved efficiency
  • The TCS iON Digital Marking Solution accelerates evaluation and reduces administrative, operational and logistical hassles for error-free evaluation.
  • The solution also simplifies re-evaluation and results publishing, and makes answer scripts available for easy reference.
User friendly evaluation process
  • The solution transforms the existing complex evaluation process into a user-friendly, accurate, and prompt digital system, at an affordable cost.
Improved transparency
  • Examination governing bodies must provide a photocopy of the student's answer scripts under the RTI Act.
  • The TCS iON Digital Marking Solution enhances regulatory compliance and increases transparency in the examination and evaluation ecosystem.

Key Offerings
Access to wide computer infrastructure
Access to reliable and robust computer lab infrastructure across the country enables large scale implementation of digital marking.
Support of evaluation expertise
The evaluator ecosystem includes trained and certified evaluators with expertise in diverse disciplines and knowledge of digital marking.
Automated result publishing and on demand analytics
The solution processes evaluation results for each answer scripts for on time publishing with no errors. The result data can be analysed in terms of performance, efficiency and quality of evaluation.
Digitizing the end-to-end evaluation process
The evaluation process can be time consuming and complex. The iON solution digitizes the entire evaluation process which includes collecting, transporting, digitising, evaluating answer scripts, as well as publishing results. This includes scanning answer scripts, uploading answer scripts and question papers along with relevant marking scheme / guidelines to evaluators as well as assigning user IDs passwords to evaluators. In addition, it helps in reviewing or re-assigning evaluated scripts in case of discrepancies and tracking the status of pending evaluation through a command centre functionality.

Digital Marking
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