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Prep Test

TCS iON PrepTest is an outcome based concept improvement program. It has a series of benchmark and improvement exams integrated with world class analytics and assessment focused learning content. Here the focus is not just limited to assess the exam readiness of student but also to cultivate conceptual assimilation in each subject.

Features & Benefits Analyse your preparedness, re-align yourself and achieve the desired results

We assess students in various formats to check their conceptual clarity. At first, they are assessed at chapter level to check their competence at individual chapter level. As they achieve a level of confidence, they are assessed in multi-concept questions to assess their applicability of concepts. Finally, they are assessed on complete syllabus to benchmark their performance at national level and guide them for better preparation.


Each assessment is closely integrated with learning analytics. Through the detailed analysis provided , students will be able to analyse their strengths, areas of improvement , time management, error patterns and understand their behavioral trends in exam environment.


Learning content is prepared in a way to test the conceptual strength of students. Tailor made error practice material helps students focus their preparation on the concepts which need their immediate attention and fine tune their preparation. With our assessment focused learning content we help students achieve their academic goals.

Our Key Values
Quality Content

Content is created by top-notch educationalists with emphasis on not just testing students knowledge but also to gauge their exam readiness. If our weekly exams test students on their conceptual understanding, our personalized learning content help them overcome their mistakes. The platform also provides question bank of model questions to helps students during last mile preparation.

Continuous Improvement Cycle We focus on strengthening subject wise competence by means of well-defined continuous competency improvement cycle. Periodic assessments along the course of preparation helps students track progress and gauge their exam readiness.
Learning Analytics

World-class analytics provides students with deeper insights into their target areas of improvement viz. concept, time management and strategy to handle tricky questions. Comparative analysis, competency analysis, preparedness analysis, behavioral analysis, time management, exam taking strategy, error analysis in our Learning Analytics report helps students take their preparation to next level. .

Key Offerings
Realtime Simulation
We provide a simulated exam environment to experience the real pressure of the exam before the actual exam and also provide a hands-on on the online exam formats.
Quality Content
We have a network of highly capable and respected teachers who create quality content comprising of rich database of test-prep resources, questions and intuitive analytics.
Content Managed website
A resourceful website consisting of host of features like weekly concept exams, calendars, analysis reports, error practice materials, improvement resources etc.

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